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"A Celtic Blessing"
A Flash Presentation, featuring the Photography & Art of Rachel Turner
At this very special time of the year, the most sacred time for our Ancestors,
I send to each of you, my beloved family and friends,
this Blessing, with words taken from ancient Celtic prayers.

During this time of turmoil in our world, I ask you to send with me
your thoughts and prayers for wisdom, peace and sanity to prevail
for all Nations, for all peoples...

I am grateful to have each of you in my life,
and I send my love and prayers to you
at this time of Thanksgiving and Harvest Blessings...
May your life be enriched,
as you have enriched mine...
The music used here is a compilation of Celtic Hymns
from the album "Celtic Worship"
by Eden's  Bridge.
This album is available for purchase through

No copyright infringement is intended or implied.
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