"...I know what I will do tomorrow
when hands have shaken,
the kisses flowed...

I'm going home..."
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"Highland Sojourn"
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A Flash Presentation, featuring the Photography & Art of Rachel Turner
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I invite you to journey with me
to my Heart Home,
the land of my Ancestors...
The indescribable beauty of the Scottish Highlands
is intensified by the moody weather...
brooding clouds broken by play of light,
rainbows shimmering in the sky,
the mist in the mountains...
Please sit back and enjoy your Sojourn with me,
let your heart be inspired by the majestic beauty of the Highlands,
and the music of the Celtic Harp so beautifully rendered
by the Birdsong Harp Ensemble of Tennessee...
Journey with me...
through the Great Glen,
to the "Misty Isle" of Skye,
through the Nevis Mountain range,
to the legendary Loch Ness...
let your heart & soul join mine,
as my love affair with Scotland continues...
- Dougie Maclean
This presentation features the music of The Birdsong Harp Ensemble, founded and led by Sheila Mitchell-Hart, located between Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee.
The selections presented here, used by permission, are from the album
"Eire In Tennessee"
produced by Sheila Mitchell-Hart,
with arrangements by Dr. Janet Harbison and Sheila Mitchell-Hart.
The CD is available by contacting Sheila via email:  sheila@birdsongharpcenter.com
For more information, please visit their website:
The Birdsong Harp Center
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