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"My heart's in the Highlands,
my heart is no' here...
Wherever I wander, wherever I rove,
The hills of the Highlands forever I love."
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"My Heart's In The Highlands"
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A Flash Presentation, featuring the Photography & Art of Rachel Turner
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Having just returned from Scotland and the Isle of Skye,
I can only express my deep longing to return by sharing these photos...
This presentation is shared with deep and undying gratitude to:

~ Rob McDonald Parker, for being my friend, my guide and inspiration,
and for sharing with me his love of Armadale and Clan Donald,
and showing me some of his favorite places on Skye;
~ Marion Parker, for being such a grand hostess and great "advance man,"
for sharing many laughs, treasured friendship and support;
~ The Staff at Armadale Castle & Clan Donald Centre, on the Isle of Skye,
for giving so generously of their time and being so supportive of our work;
~ The Clan Donald Foundation of Clan Donald USA, for having faith in
my work, and for allowing me to be a small part of our greater endeavor on behalf of
Armadale Castle Gardens & Museum of The Isles, The Clan Donald Centre;
~ Lord Godfrey Macdonald of Macdonald & Claire Macdonald,
for their gracious welcome, friendship and love;
~ Bonnie Rideout, who expresses the depths of our emotion in her glorious music,
and who has graciously given us permission to use her work in support of Armadale;
~ My Cousins in the North Pacific Region of Clan Donald USA,
who are all Family, who share my love for our Homeland
and my excitement at working in support of Armadale;
~ My dear husband, Charlie, who encourages and supports me in my work,
in my undying love for Scotland, and looks forward with me to all that is to come;
~ My Family - our children, my sister and my father, who do not always
understand the depth of my connection to Scotland, but who encourage
and support me with love and patience;
~ My Heart-Sister, Myrna, who has walked with me down many Pathways,
sharing laughter and tears, and who will walk with me in those footsteps again.
Share with me the glories of Scotland and the Isle of Skye...
I pray that each of you would be fortunate enough
to one day walk these paths for yourself...
- Robert Burns
This presentation features the soulfully expressive artistry of Bonnie Rideout,
in the song "MacDonald, Lord of the Isles" from her album "Celtic Circles,"
"My Heart's In The Highlands" as sung by Jo Stafford,
and "Will Ye No Come Back Again" from the album "Scotland at Sunset" by the Munros.
All albums are available for purchase at Amazon.com.
(**Note:  No copyright infringement is intended or implied by the use of this music.
Please support the writer and musicians by your purchase of the CDs)
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