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Celtic Thunder
is a totally amazing group
put together by Sharon Browne and Phil Coulter
featuring five solo artists,
George Donaldson, Paul Byrom, Ryan Kelly,
Keith Harkin and Damian McGinty.
Each of the Men of Celtic Thunder has his own distinct vocal style, yet they fit together seamlessly,
and provide entertainment rarely found
in today's world of music!
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"Love Song to Skye"
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This is a group you don't want to miss!
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To my beloved Isle of Skye...
"My mind is drifting to where you are..."
and I long to "steal away"
to where my heart remains...
For those who know me best, it is understood that my heart and soul
will always remain in Scotland,  and on the Isle of Skye,
my Ancestral home...

For this presentation, I have very generously been given permission to use
the music of Celtic Thunder...
The two songs presented here are normally thought of as songs sung to a lover,
but the words written by Phil Coulter,
sung so magnificently by Paul Byrom ("Remember Me, Recuerdame")
and by Celtic Thunder ("Steal Away")
express my deep love and longing to return to where my heart resides...
the beautiful Isle of Skye in Scotland...
Come, share with me my love for Skye,
and discover Celtic Thunder,
if you have not done so already!
The Music

"Remember Me (Recuerdame)"
Written by Phil Coulter,
Copyright Four Seasons Publishing
Performed by Paul Byrom of Celtic Thunder

"Steal Away"
Written by Phil Coulter,
Copyright Four Seasons Publishing
Performed by Celtic Thunder

Clip from "Auld Lang Syne"
Traditional Scottish
as performed by Phil Coulter
on the album "Scottish Tranquility"
Music credits are posted below,
along with information on where to order this magnificent music
for your enjoyment at home...

Check the links below
to discover Celtic Thunder...
you will never be sorry!
All music, as well as DVDs of CELTIC THUNDER shows,
is available for purchase from Amazon.com,
or directly from the CELTIC THUNDER website
Check your local PBS Station for current showings of
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