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     Featuring photos of Scotland, from Edinburgh to the Isle of Skye and beyond...
Have you ever experienced one of those moments...when suddenly you feel that you have "been here before," or somehow you "know" this person you have just met and already you feel like very old friends?
Walk with me...from the cobbles of old Edinburgh, through the Highlands
to the Isle of Skye and the Outer Hebrides beyond...
"Moments Through Time"
     Featuring Scenic and Nature Photography from the Pacific Northwest to the Highlands of Scotland
"My Heart's In The Highlands" 
    Featuring photos from the Highlands of Scotland and the Isle of Skye, with scenes from
     Armadale Castle Gardens & Museum of The Isles, the Clan Donald Centre on the Isle of Skye
      "My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is no' here...
       Wherever I wander, wherever I rove, the hills of the Highlands forever I love."

These words from Robert Burns express my feeling at being very far away from my
"Heart Home," accompanied by photos from an unforgettable trip to Scotland.
"Visions of Armadale"
    Featuring photos from Armadale Castle Gardens & Museum of The Isles, the Clan Donald Centre on the Isle of Skye
Produced for Clan Donald members worldwide, this presentation features photos taken in 2006,
and provide a tour of Armadale, one of the most beautiful places anyone could ever spend time.
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"Love Song to Skye" 
    Featuring photos from the Isle of Skye, and the music of CELTIC THUNDER (used by permission)
         To my beloved Isle of Skye..."My mind is drifting to where you are..."
            and I long to "steal away" to where my heart remains...

The words of the music , written by Phil Coulter and sung by the men of Celtic Thunder,
express my deep love and my loving for the Isle of Skye in Scotland, my ancestral home.
"A Celtic Blessing" 
    The time of the Harvest, known as "Samhainn" to our Celtic Ancestors, was a most sacred time, the beginning of the Celtic Year....With our world of today in turmoil and facing uncertain times, take a moment to remember the Blessings we have all been given, and to say Thanks...each in your own way.
"Highland Sojourn"
     Come with me on a Journey through the Highlands of Scotland...

...from the Great Glen, to the Isle of Skye...through the Nevis Mountain range, to legendary Loch Ness...
accompanied by the beautiful Celtic harp music of the Birdsong Harp Ensemble of Tennessee
"You Raise Me Up"
     In humble gratitude for dear Family & Friends, who are such amazing Blessings in this Life

...featuring a selection of photos from the files, from the Pacific Northwest, to Scotland and Ireland,
from the seashore to the mountains...