Rachel grew up in Wisconsin, and has since lived in Michigan, South Dakota, Texas, and now resides with her husband on a snall lake in Washington State. She and her husband are active members of Clan Donald USA, are extremely proud of their Scottish heritage, and visit Scotland as often as possible...one of Rachel's favorite places to capture with her camera.

    Rachel has been fortunate enough to be able to travel extensively during her lifetime, and is continually inspired by the beauty that surrounds us in this world.  She rarely can be found without a camera handy!

    Rachel's work is currently being featured in the Gallery of the
Lemery Foundation for Arts & Expression in Oregon, Wisconsin.
at the Gig Harbor Gift Mall in Gig Harbor, Washington,
and can be found through other local vendors as well as directly from the artist.
    I grew up in a family where we were encouraged to understand and appreciate many forms of art....be it a painting, a spirit-filling music composition, a play, a vocal artist, or a great book, we were highly influenced by our parents to develop a true sense of "art" in our lives.  We were also taught to appreciate the beauty of the world around us...and there is no better place to observe that beauty than in Wisconsin!

    From a very early age, I have been attracted to photography....not being endowed with the ability to put the beauty I saw into a painting or a drawing, I became fascinated with the possibilities open to me with the use of a camera.  From the first Brownie camera I was allowed to use in the 1950's to my now-highly-evolved Canon Digital camera, I have been able to translate the beauty I see around me into what I view as a physical work of art.

    The philosophy of my work, be it a scenic view, a sunset or a portrait, is to "capture the moment" more than concentrating on the technical details of photography.  No matter where I go, I find myself noticing that "special spot" with the light just right, an interesting and beautiful building with great lines, the fresh drops of rain falling on a flower, or the amazing colors of the sky at sunset.  It is a thrill for me to be able to "capture that moment" and to translate what I see into a special work of art that others can enjoy with me and be inspired by as often as they wish. 

    Truly, "a picture is worth a thousand words"...and much more than that!   A stunning photo can take you to places only dreamt of, envelop you with the amazing colors and sights of this beautiful world we live in, or convey and recall the many special moments of life...from "that look" of a new bride walking down the aisle to the touch of a mother's first child, from the breaking of a new dawn to almost being able to smell the fresh raindrops on the rose, from the spectacular castles of Scotland to the old barn down the lane, each moment in time can be captured for Eternity with the click of the shutter, and fill the Soul with the magnificent beauty that surrounds us.
Please enjoy my world of "DreamFlight"....
where the possibilities are limited only by imagination!
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Photo by Priscilla Westra 2009
Photo by Charles Turner 2006